Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Upcycling An Old Picnic Basket

I have been so excited to share this project with everyone and now I finally can!  This picnic basket had sat in our basement for quite a while and had seen it's better days of being used.  I decided it was time to do something with it and gave it a complete make over to use for a new craft tote. I decided since a picnic basket can be used anywhere especially on the beach that I would use the By the Sea Collection by Graphic 45 to give it a fun beach theme.  As I worked on it, I made sure to take pictures of each step and then created a guide on how to upcycle a basket of your own.  Today, I posted the guide over on Snapguide.  If you have an old basket lying around and would like to make it look new again head on over and read my How to Upcycle A Picnic Basket Into A Craft Tote guide.  Even if you don't have a basket to use, be sure to check out the guide to see all the cute little details I've included on this one.  I know you will enjoy seeing them. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Rainy Days

I have been working on a big project that I am anxious to share soon so I haven't created many things lately.  I decided to dig into my pictures tonight to see if I could find something I haven't shared and found this card.  We have had a lot of rainy days lately and are looking at having more this week so it fits in perfectly at this time.  It's actually one of my favorites because I love the silhouette. I added the glitter to make it stand out a little more and the glitter in the center of the flowers made them pop, too. The extra color lessened the dark of silhouette and the rainy day theme.   The theme actually reminds me of the saying April showers bring May flowers and I am really looking to having some of my flowers bloom.  I already have another project in mind to use them and am excited to share that one, too, so keep stopping by to see what I have planned next.  There's some great projects in the works and even more on my mind for the upcoming weeks. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Hand Made Gift for Mom

Head over to the Arnold Grummer blog and see what I've made for mom this year. Here is a sneak peak of this gorgeous project.  Be sure to take advantage of the sale this month and create a special gift for your mom, too.  You can find out how to save by reading my post over on the blog.  Now is a great time to start a new hobby, too, and what's a good hobby to start....making your own handmade paper!  It's fun to do and makes great gifts. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Do You Know the Feeling?

Join me on Sunday on the Deep Red Stamps blog to see the rest of this fun card.  You won't want to miss the rest of it.  It will add a laugh to your day.  After you check it out, be sure to head over to the Deep Red Stamps site and grab your own stamps for all of the projects you are working on.  You will be glad you did!