Friday, April 11, 2014

Hand Made Gift for Mom

Head over to the Arnold Grummer blog and see what I've made for mom this year. Here is a sneak peak of this gorgeous project.  Be sure to take advantage of the sale this month and create a special gift for your mom, too.  You can find out how to save by reading my post over on the blog.  Now is a great time to start a new hobby, too, and what's a good hobby to start....making your own handmade paper!  It's fun to do and makes great gifts. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Do You Know the Feeling?

Join me on Sunday on the Deep Red Stamps blog to see the rest of this fun card.  You won't want to miss the rest of it.  It will add a laugh to your day.  After you check it out, be sure to head over to the Deep Red Stamps site and grab your own stamps for all of the projects you are working on.  You will be glad you did! 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Baskets, Papers and Flowers....All of My Favorite Things

One thing I always think of during the spring to create is baskets.  There is just something special about a flowery basket to celebrate the fresh and new of the season, but I must admit I have always had a thing for baskets.  I finally had to put a stop to my basket buying as I was running out of room for them.  Today while I was putting some of my crafting supplies away I spied the gorgeous pad of Graphic 45 paper and just had to take a minute to go through every piece that I have left in this pad to admire them.  The Couture line has quickly become one of my favorite new lines from G45.  Tonight I had some free time and wanted to make a basket so of course I grabbed that paper I had looked at earlier.  Paper baskets are easier to find a place for, right?  As I completed the assembling of it, I kept thinking it needed a finishing touch around the edge so I grabbed some Prima flowers that I have had in my stash for quite a while now.  I figured it was time to stop hoarding them and use them even though they are the last ones I have which makes me a little sad.  They do go perfectly with this and many of the G45 papers so there was no thinking twice about adding them to finish this project off.

I plan on putting this beautiful little basket on my desk and using to keep some of my favorite small crafting items in.  That is once I can find my desk again amongst all of my works in progress and hopefully as it sits there it will bring a little feeling of spring that we seem to still be waiting on outside.   I know it will surely brighten my day every time I sit down to have some creative time. 

Happy Crafting Everyone!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Beautiful and Earth Friendly Paper

Handmade paper is really beautiful.  Some pieces can bring another form of beauty with them that is very earth friendly.  Join me on the Arnold Grummer Papermaking blog  to find out how this paper is earth friendly and to see the rest of this beautiful piece.